The Creator and the Tool

Picture Credits: Valeryia. P.

American social reformer Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings.”

This implies way more than what we see or hear on the surface. This could be relevant to all proprietory features of one’s work in any field. To a painter, the brush is an integral and significant tool. So are palettes, the accompanying medium(s) and the easels. The quality of the brush itself and the way in which it is handled determines everything in and about the painting.

There is almost a sacred or uncanny connection, that possibly nobody can decipher in its entirety, between the creator and the tool. The unknown definition is the beauty and essence of this connect. Both the creator and the tool holding their own cohesive qualities share quite an ineffable relationship - Individual, personal, intimate, intangible and magical.

There is an unsaid awareness of the tool being more important than the work itself. It determines the quality of the intangible translating into the tangible. Intangibility translating into tangible visual terms is about a certain level of transcendence. The soul indicates transcending the body and all that is physical to tap into the intangible with significant depth and boundless impressions. The nature of this transcendence is what makes the viewers’ experience profound and memorable.

There is also a powerful aspect of transparency and honesty between the creator and the tool, in the way that the medium and surface are handled or simply, the concept portrayed. Thus, it seems like the tool is immersed in the soul of the creator and comes out on the canvas or surface.

Speaking of the relationship between the creator and the tool, there is also the aspect of meaning — situations, times, circumstances and people could make different meanings of the same things. Keeping this in mind, there is a constant evolution or change in the relationship between the creator and the tool with every new work, every time.

Nothing can demolish the sanctity of the connect between the creator and the tool as long as the creator stays completely involved, present, reverent and generous with the tools. This connection evolves continuously when the creator seeks and seeks and seeks…

Originally posted on my blog: on 24th July, 2020.

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