Action Painter Jackson Pollock working in his studio, dropping paint onto his canvas.
Photo By Martha Holmes

“Painting is self — discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” said American Action Painter Jackson Pollock.

As a process, the Creator paints magic onto a surface, engaging intimately with the medium in all intensity. The process of creation can have multiple meanings to a Creator. In a way, it is a sacredly secretive relationship.

The process of creation changes and evolves with experience every single time. This can lead to more conscious and involved approaches; to discover something new for ourselves each time.

This sense of self-discovery could lead to a variety of things on multiple levels — diametrical, drastic, dramatic, distinctive, operative, conceptual, physical, spiritual, geographic, rational, tangible, intangible…

Often, artists find it too intrusive to discuss their process; consider it invasive to even be asked about it! That is how special a process is to the Creator.

After all, it is something that comes out with purpose and meaning. This process does not necessarily end with the production — the viewers complete the process wherein the creation is received, experienced and remembered, to interact, move, impact and reflect beyond the articulated.

Originally posted on my blog: on 26th October, 2020.

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